Edgy pedestrians, spitting Romeos and white beggars…

When you walk through the streets of London, travel on fast-moving tube-trains, ride the buses snaking though roads, you tend to feel everything that they have here is much much better than what you have in your country. Yes, they do – as far as the system is concerned. You’ll never get lost in this city, as they have all the instructions to take you to your destination. However, a few things, to my mind, that didn’t seem quite right and enjoyable.
First of all almost all Londoners seemed very tense. They are running all the time. It wouldn’t matter if you miss a train; you always have another to hop into in three minutes. But they are all running without even looking at anything. Well, may be partly because the person behind you also running and you need/have to make room for him/her to run. And, for that matter, you also run. What difference would it make if you had arrived at your workplace three minutes later?

I was walking with my brother and his wife and looking around the shops in Wood Green near the tube station. I saw many young [teenagers, actually] spiting on the pavement for no reason. I was quite appalled by that. We usually witness this kind of act in countries like ours where people are believed to less mannered. But then my sister-in-law says, spiting wasn’t anything to do with manners. This is the new way of attracting pretty girl’s attention. Previously, among other things, they used whistle. Well, that’s education! I must tell all the girls and women in Bangladesh that pay attention to the men spiting everywhere; they want your attention!
I have seen beggars in London in the past. They seemed to be very well-dresses but not asking for money with in Queen’s English. But the other day, I saw someone begging in the tube [and that was no Bosnian or anyone from eastern Europe]. I gave him a quid and felt good. I remembered a friend, a BBC journalist, who was quite depressed by seeing white beggars in Africa. I wondered what he’d have felt if he watched me giving alms to a white beggar with Queen’s English. I wish I had my camera with me at that time.

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