Unsmart, very unsmart

For the last few weeks, a “bamboo” has showed up near our club entrance. I didn’t quite get it what the bamboo was doing near our entrance. That’s where the club members used to park their cars. I asked the security guards about this. They said this is the parking space for someone very special, one of the bigwigs of the executive committee.
My heart sank with the thought “how could a member of cadet college club be so unsmart?”. Gabbing a parking space with a piece of bamboo should be the work of an uneducated politician, or a muhalla mastaan, not anyone from the cadet college club!
True that we have very little parking space around our club. That’s everyone’s problem. Everyone suffers for this. But, look, how does it look if to erect a bamboo like a funny land-grabber, our image is bound to experience a setback.
You’ve got to do some things, good things, when you take pride on being an ex-cadet. If you think you’re smart, your behaviour should show some elements of smartness. You were a cadet in one of many cadet colleges in Bangladesh. It is said you were taught better things than what the non-cadets received during their adolescence. Most of the times, you also feel proud about this fact.
Then, why this? Very unsmart! Very.

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