It’s the elite, stupid!

News reports in Bangladesh say car importers have gone crazy with the rumour that the government is to increase duty on imported cars. And that’s why they are importing as many cars as they can before the budget in June. Yesterday’s papers said Bangladeshi importers have brought in about 5,000 cars in April 09. May 09 is also going see the same amount of cars at Chittagong port.
A few aspects are quite noteworthy here. The car traders want to sell the cars to people at an increased cost even though they are now importing cars at reduced prices. Secondly, the government increases duty on cars every year. The government says it does so because it wants more revenue from this sector.
But funnily, the government doesn’t increase duty on luxury cars, the ones that the rich buy. Quite the opposite. The government increases duty on those cars that the middle class people buy. So, you see! Out government, our elite want to make life of the middle class difficult. Stop the middle class people from owning cars.
Every middle class family dreams of owning a car at some point of their life. But the government and a section of new car importers wait for preventing them from owning a car. What a farce!
And the unscrupulous car importers! Prices of cars around the world has dipped; has gone down so much that car manufacturers are selling them off at nominal prices in the face of global downturn. The opportunity-seeking traders got the chance to make money at the cost of others. They are buying a car, for example, at $2,000. The original price was $10,000. The Bangladeshi “good-hearted” traders are importing them at $2,000 but selling them at $10,000. Imagine the profit margin!
And imagine how they are making consumers suffer!

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