Love in the valley of death

Little did I realize
I was taking you through
the valley of death,
my beloved.

The death-makers let us
pass, hiding behind the hedge row
that we planted last year
on our anniversary day
when flowers spoke to us.

They came from the back
as they always do
in a fake human body
spraying death shells on us.

I tried to shield you
but I was just a human
grasping for breath
with a a hundred holes
on my chest.

War was the last thing
on my mind then.
I was on my way
to build my build our
house on a hillock you
chose for us.

I’m going, my love,
to build a on a bigger hill
to prepare the bed for you
to mate with me.

Come, come with me
to that villa, our house
where no death-makers
would attack from the back;
cruise with me;
will you?

* This is dedicated to Bangladeshi officers killed in BDR massacre.

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