How "disgruntled" am I?

What do you call it when a group of “disgruntled” BDR soldiers [Bangladesh border guards] started their expression of grievances by open-firing on the commissioned army officers? Mutiny? Rebellion? Revolt? Uprising? When the events started to unfold at Dhaka’s BDR headquarters, Bangladesh news media coined words such as “mutiny” and “revolt” When I was about to write the first news alert, I was faced with a problem: what to call it. In no time, we received news of killings. I struggled with myself for a while. Then I decided to use the words in a quote-unquote manner. On the first days of this so-called mutiny, I didn’t realize the extent of bloodshed that went on inside Pilkhana headquarters. But the second day unfolded a tale of horror, killing and brutality. What happened inside BDR headquarters wasn’t any ‘mutiny’ – that was gross violation of chain of commands and brutality. Even our liberation war did not see so many of our officers dead – killed brutally.
That reminded me of 1857 prolonged uprisings against British occupation. The British call it “mutiny” and we call it “uprising”. Later on, a large-scale rebellion turned into a full-fledged war against the British rule.
Does that “uprising” have any similarity with this one? The BDR soldiers said they were repressed, oppressed and tortured by the officers posted in BDR sectors. They said they became “disgruntled” of their [the army’s] behaviour as well as corruption. What a way to protest and drive your demands home. Till now, out 186 officers 20 bodies of officers have been recovered from the river and sewage holes. The rest are missing. BDR chief Maj-Gen Shakil Ahmed Chowdhury was killed in the first minute. His wife was burnt alive inside their residence. The soldiers killed many officers indiscriminately without judging who were guilty of corruption and who were not. What do I call it now? The “disgruntled-ness” of soldiers has led to more than 100 deaths. Just like that? Without a second thought! Come on! You must be eccentric if you’re thinking it was just a protest. Don’t you now feel like that rascal who ransacks cars on the street? Don’t you feel you’ve reached to the edge of madness? Don’t you feel like those mullahs who throw shoes against each-other inside a mosque? What were you thinking? No matter how corrupt a person is, do you – in your sane mind – have the right to kill? And that too the officers who you work under? You must be crazy beyond imagination, beyond cure.
Pedestrians on Bangladeshi streets all the time feel “disgruntled” after being mugged by street-hijackers. Politicians in this star-crossed country perennially let the people down people down by their actions. Aren’t the girls who fall victims of eve-teasing and molestation “disgruntled”? Isn’t the wife who is manhandled every night “disgruntled”? Aren’t the day labourers who remain unfed and half-fed “disgruntled”? Aren’t the people who live under misrule of so-called democratic politicians and power-hungry army dictators “disgruntled”?BDR soldiers – now I feel “disgruntled” at your massacre. I wish I had a way to express my “disgruntled-ness”.

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