Obama’s smoking Cadillac

I was highly impressed by the new US president Barrack Obama since he started his presidential campaigns. I wasn’t sure whether he’d become the American president at all. Because, I thought, America wasn’t ready for having a president of African origin. But I was wrong. He became the president of the most powerful nation-state in the world. An African American. I was glad, happy, and happy.
On his swearing-in day, I came home as fast as I could to watch the ceremony. I was watching Sky TV. Legions of limousines carried dignitaries to the White House. I saw Mr Obama and Michelle Obama got down from their car to have coffee with the outgoing president, George Bush. His Cadillac stopped at the front door of White House. To my dismay, the exhaust pipe of Obama’s car was releasing quite a considerable amount of smoke into the air. I mean carbon monoxide.
How’s he going to bring about a change when his own car exhumes so much smoke into the environment?

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