Language course for Bangladesh politicians and cricketers

Knowledge of English language, they say, is an essential tool for communicating with the international community. No one actually dispute on this issue. The United Kingdom – with their colonial domination – has made their language a global one. Whatever Britain has done in the past, the present-day fact is that you need to learn their language properly for the sake of yourself, your family and your country. Learning this language is essential for your business, politics, diplomacy and your image.
I just watched one of Bangladesh’s top leaders giving an interview to an international TV channel. To my utter, the leader couldn’t even express properly what the leader was trying to say. The leader doesn’t even know the difference between singular and plural – not to talk about the use of participle tense. The political leaders need to understand that they represent the entire nation before the international community. Just look at leaders from your neighbouring countries – India, Pakistan, Nepal! The Nepalese leader had been a Maoist rebel for a long time. He can clearly express what he wants in English language! You are the one who’d be meeting Obama, UN officials, foreign envoys, international media, not the common people! So, you need to be able to speak properly. Speaking good Bengali and bad English is not the sign of nationalism these-days. You won’t even be able to negotiate with your counterparts in the international arena!
And there are the cricketers. Inevitably, they would stammer, churn out a few memorized sentences when they are found explaining why they lost the game. When you lose matches, you need to do the explaining more than the players in the winning team. Many may suggest using Bengali language while speaking to the TV anchors after the match. Fine! Then you fail to make yourself and your country understood in front of the world. The days of using interpreters are coming to an end. Well, you can’t employ an interpreter in the middle of a cricket stadium; can you?
Bangladesh should launch a project to teach English language on an urgent basis. The students would be the politicians and the cricketers.

*I know there’d be many who’d try finding mistakes in this note! Ha ha ha…

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