Bangladesh cricket board, visit cadet colleges for talents

Infuriating! Bangladeshis saw their national team losing against Zimbabwe in the tri-nation one-day tournament yesterday, 10 January 09. So, Bangladesh these-days lose against teams such as Zimbabwe whereas everyone expected with time, it would start defeating teams like India, Pakistan, England etc. Bangladesh team seems to be doing the opposite. True, it has won a few matches against mighty teams, but those were occasional victories. Bangladesh don’t have any steady history of winning in the international cricket. Critics would very soon start promoting the idea for ousting Bangladesh’s test status. What would Bangladesh do then?
Bangladesh Cricket Broad needs to something about it urgently. Winning in international cricket has got a lot to do with the players. When 14 Bangladeshi cricketers left for Indian Cricket League, BCB was at a loss. ICL Bangladesh showed great performance in India. That means there’s something wrong with BCB’s management system as well as treating the players.
Talking about players, do we have a steady flow of cricketers in the country? What does BCB’s talent hunt committee do when they look for fresh talents? They usually ask Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Pratishthhan in Savar for supplying batsmen and blowers. The committee also visits a few local leagues outside Dhaka.
But the BCB has never thought of looking for cricketers in the cadet colleges. These institutions could be a great source of cricketers in Bangladesh. BCB or for that matter, any sport authority in Bangladesh does not have the slightest idea about how good cadets can be in games and sports. Talking about their performance, BCB officials just need to watch how they play. BCB officials need to visit the cadet colleges for this. Or the officials could just watch the Inter-Cadet College Sport Meets. That’d do. It’s not just cricket, but in every sport, especially athletics. Bangladesh needs some good athletes and cadet colleges have them.
BCB, you won’t regret visiting cadet colleges looking for cricketers!

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