Voters on wheelchairs

About a dozen voters were sitting inside Bangladesh International Tutorial in Dhaka’s Gulshan area. Depressed; one lady-voter was in tears. No one, no security personnel, no polling officer or even the presiding officer showed any concerns at their plight. Most of these voters came to polling centre on wheelchairs; some with crutches. These are the elderly citizens of Bangladesh, of constituency Dhaka 17. Their appearance clearly said they would not be able to rise up the stairs to polling booths. They needed help, but there was no one who could help them. We’d affectionately call them “physically challenged” persons. If they are “physically challenged”, there should have been a special arrangement for them so that they could cast their votes. Otherwise, why did make them voters. Just think about their spirit; most of them couldn’t even walk like us, but they have come to exercise their constitutional responsibility. We should praise the troubles they have taken. I saw them feeling insulted when they were told they would have to go back. The presiding officer said he didn’t receive any instruction from the election commission regarding those who’d be coming on wheelchairs. How thoughtful of the commission. You’ve taken two whole years for planning this election, but you’ve ubiquitously forgotten these citizens. The presiding officer was asked to send some ballot papers downstairs so that they could vote, but the officer said if the ballot papers were brought out of that polling booth, he would be arrested instantly. True; you cannot move any of the ballots from that room. Everybody would start computing the voters’ turnout when the polling ends this afternoon. The statistics that would be available to the media and for that matter to the people would be wrong one, then. These voters did go for casting their votes, but couldn’t due to an error of the demonstration! What a thoughtful administration!
Even the journalists were not looking at them!

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