I was quite dismayed at the performance of satellite TV talk shows when the Mumbai carnage was unfolding. Talk show anchors kept on talking about Bangladesh’s upcoming parliamentary polls. Fine; this is the time to talk about polls, democracy and development. But the issue of terrorism is equally important in Bangladesh as it is in our neighbouring countries. Those few days were perfect opportunity to discuss the aspect of coordinated terror attack in any country, especially when Bangladesh does have an experience. Religious militants did carry out a coordinated bomb blast ACROSS the country – in 63 districts. Of course, a few TV channels tried to mention this. I remember watching an anchor asking terrorism-related question to an editor of a financial daily. This is journalist has been a financial journalist all his life. I wonder how capable would he be for analyzing security issues. The anchor was asking questions on security issues but those were not in Bangladesh perspectives. This was a wonderful opportunity to invite security experts and talk about Bangladesh scenario; how politicians and political parties should encounter if such terror attacks occur in Bangladesh; how terrorists can be prevented; the existence of ultra-religious groups in Bangladesh and how political might use them in politics and all this. When an incident as big as this happens, usually visual news organizations bring in security analysts in the studio and discuss it. But Bangladesh’s visual news organizations are totally different, not to talk about news presenters’ knowledge on these issues.

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