Last week, I realized I don’t have any white shirt and felt like buying one. I’d planned to match it with a pair of light brown trousers. Thought about which brand to buy and decided on Westecs in Dhaka. Westecs should be reasonably good, I hoped. Went to Westecs and bought one. It cost more than 1600 taka. Felt gratified. But I didn’t understand that getting a shirt from would be one of the gravest mistakes. 
Back home, unpacking it to put it on me, I discovered the mistake. I’ve never seen such an ill-sewn shirt in my life, not even the ones that are found in Bangabazar as well as at the flee-market shops. First, I found the fabric to be one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Compounded with the lack of diligence effort in making the shirt, quality pissed me off. Twigs of yarn and thread were peeping out all over the piece of garment that I bought. It was a horrible experience for me. I decided not to buy anything from Westecs ever in life.
This is not the first time I was pissed off by the quality of garment in Bangladesh. I bought a t-shirt a few months ago from Menz Club – another talked-about brand in Bangladesh. I was in the seventh heaven with violet t-shirt bought. I spent almost 700 taka for that. To my dismay, the colour came off when I was washing it. I went back to Menz Club and told them about the t-shirt. My point was why would they sell such low quality products at such a high price! The Menz Club manager said that particular product was like that. I have to accept that fact, he said. Damn you! Why would sell that to me when you knew the colour would fade with the maiden wash! That’s gross dishonesty!
Actually the problem lies with us – those who buy such low quality products from a bunch of morons – who are all the time out to deceive their customers. Listen to what Westecs says on their website: “Westecs aims to be trusted to deliver best in everything we do. The company has extensive history and today is one of the leading Brand in the region.” 
What a lie!
These groups of traders continue to fool us with their disgusting trade policies, whereas we remain committed to Bangladeshi brands. They don’t even care. 

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