Our supposedly old association – Jexca

A senior ex-cadet from JCC once told me that he forcefully bought an award from Jexca, the ex-cadets’ association for Jhenidah Cadet College. He wanted to be recognized as an outstanding ex-cadet but to his dismay Jexca authorities were not recognizing his talent as a karate master. I didn’t believe him; this senior always had a tendency to push through everything; he was – a karate fighter – sort of a bull snatching everything with might. He didn’t understand much of reason, or logic. I’ve seen him writing wrong English, emphasizing what he’s written was correct. He used to say ‘what I write is correct’. Funny man! But he confirmed that he had forced Jexca to buy an award for him and present that award to him. If this is true, I have some really serious questions for Jexca.
I never thought money could do the trick. But it can. Recently I had raised a few questions about the content of the Jexca newsletter that I received via email. I wondered as to why there’s no mention of anyone from our batch – the 15th whereas the publication secretary elaborated many others’ various achievements. Our friends have also given their pieces of mind and the comments finally went to the publication secretary. He sent our comments to the president of Jexca.
The president got furious. He wrote to the publication secretary:
“You do not require to be so sorry for your newsletter. I hardly remember cadet 857, Ekramul Kabir, 15th intake of Khaiber house. If you/we look into accounts of Jexca he never paid a single penny as student/and presently a BBC staff as subscription what to talk of being a life member. Characters like him are there to make rubbish comments not understanding what he is writing. Make sure he never receives any mail/hard copies or emails from Jexca.”
Now, here lies the problem. Whoever goes to Jexca top position, he somehow tries to ban some people from the organization.
True, I have never paid any subscription. That’s because Jexca had no activities other than organizing ‘reunions’ on JCC campus. I remember receiving a yellow card back in the 1990s, saying that “you’ll be banned from Jexca if you don’t pay by blah blah blah….”
Now why would some send me such a letter that looked like a yellow card as if the match referee is warning me before turning me out of the field? You can stop me from attending the activities of Jexca; you ban me from Jexca, but you can never erase the fact that I was in JCC for good long six years as you’ve been. If you think, newsletter should contain only the information of those who pay, you are not a leader at all. This reflects your crony mentality. If I don’t pay, I am a non-paying member; you can never deny that fact that I am an old JCC guy.
This president says ‘I can hardly remember cadet 857, Ekramul Kabir, 15th intake of Hkaiber house.’ See! he’s saying that he can hardly remember, but he knows all about me; even my cadet number and which house I was in! How contradictory!
Now let me tell you: I remember being introduced to and introducing myself to this president at least 15 times after I came out of JCC in 1984. The next time I met him, he doesn’t remember me. It’s true! He forgot me every time I was introduced to him or I myself introduced to him.

Now my question is: Why hell should I be a member when you’re the president?

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