Human lives: cheapest product in Bangladesh

A news report today, 27 September 2008, says Bangladesh government is to begin death audit very soon. The report also says the government would investigate into every death that takes place in the country. Utter hypocrisy! And paradoxical! When there’s absolutely no strategy save lives here, we suddenly start planning to investigate into all deaths.
Is anyone interested to know how many people die in Bangladesh every year for nothing? More than 10000 people die here in traffic accidents. These people are not criminals and neither are they dying with any divine nod. Ten thousand persons dying a year is more than the casualty in any war zones!
Has anyone cared to count how many die due to negligence of doctors while treating patients? Or lack of treatment? What would the administrations say when relatives of victims come and seek justice for the deaths of their close ones? It doesn’t have any answer. If the government’s death audit scheme is utilized in this sector, may be the number of deaths might come down.
And does anyone have any idea as how many die of hunger each year? Of course, it would say – no one. But do you have any idea how many die of malnutrition?
You don’t. If you had, you’d have worked to prevent these deaths.

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