Cricket and patriotism

A few Bangladesh national-team cricketers have decided to join the Indian league ICL. Four of them are already in India. Everybody here in Dhaka is going gaga, condemning them, saying that they have betrayed their country. The media, especially the TV channels, has already started branding them as villains. Why? What makes you think they have betrayed their country? These boys are professional cricket players. If they get better chance anywhere, they are entitled to leave; aren’t they. They say they were being repressed by the cricket board in many ways. I’ve just seen a pack of vox pop in today’s The Daily Star []. The all the members of the public are congratulating them. Of course, a few of our boys have got the chance to play in a bigger canvas, why shouldn’t they go. More so, if their allegation of deprivation from the BCB is true, that’s all more reason they should leave. Those who are trying to malign them as villains should ask themselves as what had gone wrong in their treatment of these boys. This is a world of cut-throat competition; and those who survive go up the ladder. Why try pulling them down? BCB – get a bunch of new players. Train them. Don’t keep on saying that they shouldn’t go after all that Bangladesh cricket board had done for them; how it trained them up. BCB should take a minute and watch the world around them. The arena of skills is like that. Skilled people get benefited from who train them up and then they go for better things. Then they get more training and trying for further better things. This is how the world moves! More so, you didn’t treat them properly with your intense cronyism.
Bangladesh possibly is the only country where everyone talks about patriotism in every word they speak and the next moment they screw the country. Stop talking about patriotism; develop yourselves and let others develop…

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