Commercial breaks in TV bulletins

Has anyone seen the tiresome and perennial Bangladeshi TV news channels? All of them. Right now I’m watching ATN Bangla. I watch them almost every evening; for professional reasons. After 15 minutes of news, it’s now playing 10-miniute-long commercial break. How stupid! Who’d wait for 10 long minutes to watch your news bulletins? Not only ATN Bangla, all the TV channels are like that. They think they are offering such attractive information that cannot be missed. The audience would wait for 10 minutes for what they churn out.
And what do you churn out. Bangladeshi TV reporters hardly ask any question to the people in news. There’s absolutely nothing in the stories that go on air.
I remember a BBC story on India that the news organization reported last year. Once there was just one TV news channel, now there are dozens in India. Luckily for today’s youngsters the sign on the door of many often says “Experience not required”, something any politician will testify to. The former Home Minister Indrajit Gupta was one day doggedly pursued by a young journalist on his way out of parliament.
When he finally agreed to stop for the news crew, he was asked the probing question. “Sir, would you please say something”. The second question was “and Sir, who are you?”
There are hundreds more people like this being churned out everyday by a new growth industry there in India.
Isn’t the situation same here in Bangladesh as in India?

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