Bangladesh: dumb, dumber, dumbest

Bangladesh’s elite force RAB detained four boys a few days ago for hacking their website. After defacing RAB website 21-year-old student Shahee Mirza left his name and email address on the site along with the message “defaced from Bangladesh”. So the papers said. Mirza and three friends were arrested within 24 hours of the hack. Mirza has reportedly confessed to the hack and claims there was no malicious intent behind it. Indeed, part of the message he left on the RAB site reads: “Hackers r not criminal, they r 10 times better than your expert [sic]”. Some reports say Mirza and friends could face up to 10 years imprisonment if found guilty.
Now, how are they being treated by the elite forces? Are they beating them up? Torturing them? Must be so. Because that’s only one thing Bangladeshi law enforcers can do. And finally when the beating ends, we’ll be sending these boys to jail and they would be lost forever; and along with them, their talent. Hackers across the world are all geniuses. Best software and internet companies in the developed world hire hackers at a very very high salary. Intelligence agencies across the globe need hackers for their surveillance work. If these hackers were Americans and arrested by FBI, the authorities would have utilized their talent either for the state or for any specialized work. And what would we do? We’d make these boys stale and non-productive. There are thousands of boys such as them who are extremely intelligent and must more genius than the law enforcers. Listen to them: they say they are ten times better than what you are; utilize them for you.
Regret: we are failing to utilize these bunch geniuses. What a pity!

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