Cost of religion

Almost all the Muslims in Dhaka city prayed last night; it was lailat-ul-barat; it means the night of emancipation and is believed by Muslims to be one of the most sacred nights of the Islamic calendar, that brings forgiveness from Allah; they prayed for God’s mercy; forgiveness for the sins they have committed in the past. They prayed and they have a holiday today, 17 August 08. I didn’t have a holiday and I was coming to my office at around 11 in the morning. I crossed Shatrasta’r intersection and took the right turn to reach Karwan Bazar road junction.
Passing by the New Age office, I saw all the street lights – sodium light as we call them – lit in broad daylight. I thought of government’s request to all citizens as well as the public servants to be judicious about spending electricity. What a scene! The pious government official prayed all night long for God’s forgiveness; God forgives him for all his sins; the official falls asleep after his prayers, satisfied; quite satisfied. But he forgets to switch the street light off. The lights kept on lit when we don’t need them.
What a cost of religion!!

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