God! What a Dhaka we have!

Today, 16 July 08, a few Dhakaites are set to observe 400 years of Dhaka city. It’s been four hundred years Dhaka was made a capital city. The media is seen quite passionate about reporting on the festivities related to this. And there are those nostalgic people as well.
You can embrace Dhaka with many names; praise Dhaka with all your bight adjectives; sing for Dhaka; eulogize Dhaka’s past; drive SUVs in Dhaka streets and so – the list is long. But I find little solace in being Dhakaite. Why? If you just looked at the list below:
Because –

Water of the rivers around Dhaka causes diseases;
Most of the areas of Dhaka don’t have proper electric supply;
Dhakaites don’t have proper water supply;
Dhaka has the highest rate of road accidents;
Dhaka’s bureaucrats don’t do anything without bribes;
People spend nights in the streets without food;
Dhaka has the weakest stand on foreign policy in the world;
Dhaka’s elite are the most foolish in the world;
Dhaka’s roads are not safe for women;
Dhakaites are most jealous people in the world;
You can’t move in Dhaka when it rains;
Dhaka’s politicians finally have to go to jail;
Bangladeshis live second-class citizens in Dhaka;
Dhakaites still abide by colonial-era laws;
Dhaka’s police forces are the most corrupt in the world;
Dhaka’s traffic system sucks.

You still would love to observe Dhaka’s anniversary! The problem is: after all this, we still like Dhaka.

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