I wrote a poem the day after a curfew was issued in Dhaka city by the government. The first stanza read:

When curfew fell on the city
like resounding khaki-coloured fog
Everyone had to rushed home
after a shopping frenzy

What would I do with the poem? I sent it to two of my professors – Professor Niaz Zaman and Professor Kaiser Haq. Haq liked it but didn’t like it very much. Professor Zaman asked me to send the poem to The Daily Star literature section.
I did. On email.
The next day I got a reply from the “LITERARY” editor of The Daily Star – one Mr Khademul Islam. Like my high-school teacher, he asked me, “How can fog resound?”.
I got angry. Who made this guy a literary editor? And that too of The Daily Star. I wrote back to him asking, “If a poet can hear the sound of the dew drops, what’s wrong with resounding fog?”
This Khadem person never replied back.
A few months later, I was present at a lecture of Amitav Ghosh. At a point of his lecture, Ghosh uttered the phrase “resoundingly silent”.
I felt like shouting at Khademul Islam. Did you hear that, Mr Khadem?

— Ekram Kabir

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