James Bond 007, secret agents, CIA, KGB. All of these and many more means a world of suspense, intrigue, intelligence operations, espionage, spies. Sit back and relax with a good spy story. They are exciting and good reading. Enjoy!

Helen MacInnes

In Prague to cover an international peace conference, Washington-based journalist Karen Cornell is approached by a Czech official who tells her of his decision to defect. He then gives her a set of sensitive, forged documents to deliver to the CIA. Karen relays the papers to agent Peter Bristow and departs for an assignment in Rome, little knowing that her life is in danger from KGB operatives.

Peter O’Donnell

As Modesty Blaise is dismantling her organization, “The Network,” she dismisses Hugh Oberon, a new hanger-on. The humiliated employee turns up later as part of a sinister group called the Watchmen, whose Operation Morningstar could have serious political consequences, and whose mission Modesty and her associates must foil. This book contains violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex.

Charles McCarry
Paul Christopher, U.S. intelligence agent, has a problem. He doesn’t know which is the good or bad side in a game of double- and triple-cross involving a comical Polish exile, a Hungarian seductress, and a Black North African prince. Christopher must find out which side is responsible for the terrorism taking place. Many lives are in danger if he makes a mistake. This book contains strong language and descriptions of sex

Jude Deveraux

Alexander Montgomery returns from sea when he learns the colonists are being harassed by the British. Deciding to become a masked man who raids against the redcoats at night, Montgomery keeps his identity secret by dressing and acting like a fat, prissy coward during the day, but he falls in love with his now-grown neighbor, Jessica Taggert, who wants the masked raider instead. This book contains strong language, some violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex.

Evelyn Anthony
Julia Hamilton make a name for herself with her investigative report of a child murder, and now Lord Western wants her for a new feature he has planned for his Sunday paper. To Julia, the chance to write “Exposure” is one she can’t turn down, but when she is asked to get the dirt on Lord Western’s rival, Harold King, she finds herself in mortal danger. This book contains strong language, some violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex.

Len Deighton
This sequel to Hope (RC 44118), finds British agent Bernard Samson inquiring into the mysterious death of his sister-in-law, which occurred at the time his spy-wife was brought back from East Germany. Samson overcomes official resistance to his inquiry and uncovers a plot that causes him to doubt the system he serves.

Helen MacInnes

During World War II, Sheila Matthews is enjoying her vacation in Poland so much that she ignores her uncle’s entreaties to return to London. When Sheila does try to leave the country, she is mistaken for a Nazi spy and trapped in a foreign land.

Linda Howard

Five years ago, CIA agent Niema Burdock left field work after her husband’s death in an operation. Now, legendary spy John Medina, who is secretly smitten with Niema, asks her to rejoin him in a case. This book contains strong language, violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex.

Baroness Emmuska Orczy

This story takes place in Europe in 1792. With the republican mob in frenzy, French aristocrats are being guillotined indiscriminately. A group of British adventurers, led by the mysterious “Scarlet Pimpernel,” are spiriting innocent victims out of Paris. French agent Chauvelin arrives in England to discover the leader’s true identity and enlists the help of a clever French beauty married to the foppish Sir Percy Blakeney. This book was written for senior high and older readers.

Joseph Kanon

Reporter Jake Geismar returns to Berlin after the fall of the Nazis to cover the Potsdam Conference and to find former lover, Lena. While there, he discovers an American soldier’s body. Sensing a big story, he follows a path revealing war crimes. This book contains explicit descriptions of sex, violence, and strong language.

John Le Carre

Unassuming Bavarian tour guide Ted Mundy is actually a retired British double agent. After September 11, 2001, old friend and former colleague, Sasha, contacts him with a new mission: to stop an impending war in Iraq and become very rich in the process. This book contains strong language and some violence.

Ian Fleming

Deadly danger awaits James Bond when he goes to the Caribbean to locate two missing agents. His antagonist is a maniacal doctor with an array of fantastic weapons and dreams of unlimited conquest. This book contains some violence and some strong language.

Ken Follett

As head of security at Stanley Oxenford’s Scottish pharmaceutical firm, Antonia Gallo investigates a technician’s horrifying death. Meanwhile, terrorists steal a deadly virus, and the Oxenford family, stranded at home by a blizzard, discover a traitor in their midst. This book contains strong language, some descriptions of sex, and some violence.

Lauren Willig

This story takes place in London. Eloise Kelly conducts research for her dissertation on the true identity of a British spy in Napoleonic France. But after elderly Arabella Selwick-Alderly opens her family archives, her nephew Colin Selwick objects. Eloise prevails and learns of an 1803 love story between spies. This book contains some explicit descriptions of sex.

Stella Rimington

This story takes place in London. Agent Liz Carlyle of the Joint Counter-Terrorist group at M15 learns the Islamic Terror Syndicate has deployed an “invisible”, a native operative who can move freely among populations, in the UK. With an attack imminent, Liz races to identify targets and stop a killer. This book contains some violence and some strong language.

Robert Ludlum

Intelligence operative Hal Ambler has been wrongly confined to an island psychiatric facility for patients posing security risks. Hal escapes with help from nurse Laurel Holland and sets out to uncover who he is, and who he was, while eluding unknown enemies. This book contains strong language, some descriptions of sex, and some violence.

Alex Berenson

CIA agent John Wells, long undercover in Afghanistan and Pakistan, is suspected by his handlers of defecting to the other side. Furthermore, Wells began to believe in the tenets of Islam while he lived beside the jihad.

William F. Buckley

U.S. President Ronald Reagan sends veteran CIA agent Blackford Oakes to Moscow to investigate a rumored assassination plot against Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Oakes falls for Soviet urologist Ursina Chadinov and engages in a deadly struggle with British diplomat-turned-communist agent Kim Philby. This book contains some violence and some strong language.

Alan Furst

This story takes place in Paris in 1938. Italian Slavic reporter Carlo Weisz works for Reuters and covertly writes for an underground, anti-Mussolini newspaper. When the Italian secret police assassinate the editor, Carlo takes over. Meanwhile, he helps his married lover, Christa, escape from Berlin. This book contains strong language, some descriptions of sex, and some violence.

Gayle Lynds

After years in federal prison for treason, legendary CIA agent Jay Tice escapes. Twenty-nine-year-old agent Elaine Cunningham, a “hunter” who specializes in finding people, has two days to capture the former spy. The chase leads to murder, treachery, and the unraveling of a deadly conspiracy. This book contains violence and strong language.

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