Salaam Brick Lane

You’d find many in England who’d look down upon the Tower Hamlet area. The reason seemed pretty clear to me while people reacted when I told them about my time in Brick Lane. This particular area is synonymous with Bangladeshis, Sylhetis and British-Bangladeshis. People who look down do that because they [not the Brits] don’t […]

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Oscar Wilde’s gaol and Jane Austen’s school

Taking a walk through the roads in Reading could be tiresome for someone who doesn’t know the roads, who’s a visitor, an outsider. On a busy day, it could also be unexciting. My colleagues ask me how I felt about Reading town. I smile and say, “Not very exciting”. They laugh and say “now I’m […]

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I read when I get time. When I read – both English and Bengal and published from home and abroad – I try to understand the book from a critical point of view. That’s how I write a book reviews. These are also published in a Dhaka-based daily The Daily Star. I also read a lot of reviews. I upload them here if I like something. I wish I could upload audio books here.

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Ekram Kabir